2019 Calendar of Events

The USC Champions League 

  • Thursday, January 10 (USC YDC) - 1st Round of Matches

  • Thursday, January 17 (CRC & CSC) - 2nd Round of Matches

  • Thursday, January 24 (CRC & CSC) - 3rd Round of Matches

  • Thursday, February 7 (USC YDC) - Playoffs and Final Party

Cleveland Classic PSA Women’s Bronze Tournament (CRC) 
Thursday, January 31-Monday, February 4

Cleveland Skating Club Junior Bronze (CSC) 
Friday, February 8-Sunday, February 10

Cleveland Midwest Junior Gold (CRC) 
Friday, March 1-Sunday, March 3

Tavern Club Invitational SDA Doubles Tournament (TC) 
Thursday, April 11-Saturday, April 13

Racquets Rally (USC YDC) 
Saturday, May 4